Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008’s Evaluation and 2009’s Resolution

Maybe its too late if I write these post now, but I think it’s better then I didn’t write anything’s else.

2008’s evaluation

If remind all situation and all things that happened at 2008, I think 2008 it’s a better year than 2007. I feel 2007 its very suck year because I feel I do nothing. Stagnancy is a routinely. Thanks to God , its didn’t happen at 2008. A big change was happened at the middle year. A true life become and big dream and big opportunity was came.

In economic side, thanks to God once more time, I can catch my saving target [*for my secret target at 2009*]

My college education at 2008 it’s also running well. All schedules was on the right track. And until now I can finish 112 SKS’s. Need a little step again to create “S.Kom” after my last name.

Start dreaming and start to make it come true … J

2009’s resolution

First of all, I don’t want make a same year as 2008. 2009 must be my other successful year.

2009 must be a start year for me to be a better man. Not only be a better boy or just be good teenager [serious mode ON].

My 2009 mission must go on and be a successful thing what ever happen. So, I would make at begin and the middle of this year is the time to prepare all the things. Sorry, I wouldn’t explain what mission it is. Lay the time to answer it.

2009 must be last year for me to make “S.Kom” follow my last name. Note = Need a few year to make it. So, I would make this year is the last year to make it. Ammmiinnnn …

And the last, I’m must optimized God have the best plan for me, specially about my occupation and my future live. Still need guidance and bless from HIM.

I things that’s all of my resolution. But it is just a master plan. Soon, I will make a real plan to do my master plan above. On next post …

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