Monday, December 4, 2006

try to writing in english

Firstly, I would like to appologize if I made an error grammar and wrong structure in this title and this article above. Because this is the first time I write in English ang publish in the global net.

Why now I really want to write in English ? a simple answer for a simple question. Yeah ... I am a technical support at Internet Service Provider which have some foreign customer. Our company's coverage area is only Indonesia, but some foreingn company which have regional office in Indonesia use our service and some of their network administrator speak in english only. So, like or dislike I must handling their problem and get more information automaticaly in English. Because nobody can speak in Bahasa Indonesia. SO ... I speak with someone with english native. Oh My God ... it's the big problem.

It's not the first time I must speaking in English with my customer, this is the second time. The first time, I spoke with Korean and he spoke in English with korean dialegue. Not too difficult because his English it's not clear, same with me. :) In that time I can handling his problem, because the problem clasification is not a big problem and the information from customer for troubleshoot is not too much. So I just need a little conversation. But in the second time, I must spoke with someone who speak in english and use english as his native language. Oh my God ... it's really english conversation. I must colect more information because he is a V-Sat customer, so, many parameters that must collect for our troubleshoot. So ... it's long conversation. But from this situation I can improve our English skills ;)

And I also so amazing with my schoolmate his name is Mr. Noka Fahimi. He is the first generation from my school and I come from twelveth generation. He is good figure for me now. He is 29 years old but have a lot experience live in foreign country as an technission and it's not a simple job. Automaticaly he can speak English well. One question in my mind, may I can be like him ? Sure Of Course ... Amin ...

I'am not to disappointed I can get more information from customer who speake in English because at the first time I join with this company, I never have an English course. But my English is not too bad ... ;)) I can speak english in a little conversation. And I promise to improve my English.

Sorry for a bad grammar, for a wrong word, for a bad stucture, etc

* Sudahlah hentikan, lelah aku harus nulis beginian, tapi aku tak akan pernah letih untuk selalu berusaha belajar, belajar, dan belajar ---> pesen bu punk saat amanat pembina upacara II di moklet tercinta ... ;))

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